Disillusionment, Disdain and Disenchantment are not always signs of Depression..

There once was a Method to all this Madness....

Who do you want me to be?
This is my journal.

I write about the things that happen in my life, whether they be good or bad. I write about the things that make me feel, whether that is pleasure or pain, happiness or anger, animocity or rage.

I WILL write about it.

These pages hold whatever I think, feel, dream , imagine, or desire.
And these are my PERCEPTIONS>>>>things that DO change from person to person. Because we are all unique individuals.
So while I see things this way, you are welcome to disagree.

But do not tell me I am wrong.

I have an opinion, and feelings, and that can never be wrong.

What do you want to know about?? Well I should start off with my philosophy- Never judge a book..blah..blah....

In the Crazy Mixed-up world of which we find ourselves reeling, it brings a moment of sanity to find unique souls who conform not to the masses but to their inner child. Creativity is to be revered. Openness admired. Acceptance granted. I am simply myself, I do what I want because I want to. No alterior motives, no hidden agenda. Suggestions are always welcome, control is abhorred. I Live, I Love, I Laugh, I Cry, I Feel Pleasure and Pain. And I enjoy every second of it!

I am me, just a functioning girl in a dysfunctional world. Originally fron Canada, California has been my home since the age of 5. I live my life they way I want to , according to my rules. I consider myself to be unique, as is everyone else. Anything you want to know you should just ask. The are too many complicated layers to my soul to start revealing in this small space.
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Oh yeah... I take naughty pictures too

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Oh yeah.... I take naughty pictures too!

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